Practical solutions and ways to determine if people are led by God

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Practical solutions and ways to determine if people are led by God

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If we can share the following, and find the sources described below, it should help those who are in need and lead them to God. Many ideas are suggested.

Many people claim to be led by God to believe in a certain doctrine or belief. However, they are often led into disagreement and error over these matters. People with often good intentions also claim that God leads them to make a decision. However, making that decision turns out to be disastrous. So it appears as if the leading is not from God, but instead their imagination or Satan. Evidence of supernatural leading would be something that could not be explained scientifically. For example, by someone praying and then making the correct decisions, or finding what they needed on a more frequent basis than other talented people could do with their own natural ability, or by chance.

Below are some examples of things that would help a lot of people and share the truth, yet they are difficult to find. If you do not know about these, could you please pray so that we could find these things? Alternatively, you could help search for people whose prayers make a noticeable difference, so that they could pray. If we could find people who could pray to find these things, and come up with the best possible sources, it would be very likely that these people would be supernaturally led by God. Please help me find those who are led by God, because I do not know of any that have produced the evidence that they are. I have letters to share that I could send you.

Many of the below are readily available. However mostly the sources are not as good or as extensive as we hope. The challenge is to come up with good sources, and ideally the best available. Hopefully we could find the information freely available on the Internet, so many people could use it. A challenge is to find information that is worthwhile, short and easy to read, yet enables people to learn many things.


     There are many good books, websites or programs that inform people of the truth. However, many of them are long or costly, which means that those with limited time or finances would not be able to read them. As a result, the truth is not reaching many people. It would be good to find an easy to read, yet detailed summary of these publications, or find people who have read them that could write a summary. Several examples are included below.

Summaries of errors in religions or doctrines      
     A summary article that contains convincing evidence of how the major religions, churches and doctrines are in error. Different summaries of each of them would be fine. It would also be good to get a summary with evidence supporting all the main contentious doctrines, along with a summary that gives evidence to refute them. That way we could give people who believe in them a different view point and understanding.

Prayer Evidence
     There have been studies of mainstream prayer and a large one recently where they found that prayer did not make any significant difference. There are links about it at . However, these studies mostly only refer to prayer by mainstream groups and the mainstream are in error. I believe that there are probably people out there today whose prayers do make a difference. Do you know of anyone who prays for other people so that God consistently helps those people that are being prayed for in practical ways as explained?

Numeric patterns in the Bible
     The Numeric English New Testament by Ivan Panin is claimed by many to be the best translation, as other versions have translation errors. There is a link to a version in electronic format at Ivan Panin found that the Greek and Hebrew text that makes up the original Bible contains numerical patterns which could not be designed by man. For example, there are passages where the number of certain words or letters are divisible by 7 and the numeric value of the letters also have patterns. There is also software and a formula that can determine if text has these patterns. It is claimed that the patterns have not been found in text other than in the Bible. However, much of the software could be difficult and time consuming to learn for the average person who has little time. Do you know of any software or ways to quickly produce the evidence that only the Bible has these numeric patterns, so that we can show the average person who has an open mind? Also, do you know of any tests that were done on the books that many people claim should have been in the Bible but were not included? has some good information.

Summaries of how people claim the Bible is false, and their rebuttals
     A detailed summary to outline the claims that people use as evidence for claiming that the Bible is not true. Beside these claims it would be good to have evidence that refutes them. Many people only hear one side of the story, and as a result they disbelieve the Bible. Many reports claim that the Bible contains errors and the links can be seen by clicking here. Could you please search for or write a summary to rebut this information?

Other useful ideas that could help many people

A data base of companies and organization to assist inventors
     I am trying to help inventors and I do hear from several of them who seek help.  I am also an inventor and I have a number of practical inventions on my website at
     There have been many very good inventions that would have helped a lot people. However, many of them have been suppressed because the inventors have not been able to find someone to help them market or manufacture their products. There are also a lot of fraudulent companies that exploit inventors. Many companies or organisations appear interested at the start. However they are not able to help, so an enormous amount of time and cost is involved to find an investor who can help. As a result approximately one out of every thousand inventors make a living from their invention, and many great products and ideas have failed to benefit people.
      It would be good to be able to work together and gather a data base of honest manufacturers, investors and distributors that could help inventors. There may be email lists of reputable people who are interested in new ideas. Do you know of any?

A list of people who would be likely to support these plans or other good community projects
     Organizations, companies or individual people could help in many ways, such as by sharing this information, searching for what is listed here, or helping financially (perhaps to mount an advertising campaign or pay people to search). It would also be good to have a list of people with wealth who would be likely to fund not only these plans, but also the ideas of other people, and projects that would benefit the community and help share the truth. Do you know of any?

Suppressed inventions and products that are much better than what is normally seen
     Do you know of any suppressed inventions that work much better than well known competing products? I am referring to practical inventions, discoveries and ideas that could benefit many people. I have listed a few examples below. Perhaps there are well known products out there to do some of these things. However, the problem is that there are also many competing products which are not as effective or as economical. It would be a good thing if there were some independent studies comparing the different products. Do you know of any? Do you also know of any of the following products or ideas which are of better quality or value for money than what is normally found?

     1. Free or very efficient energy free energy devices
     2. Non toxic or low toxic pest control for common pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders and weeds.
     3. A way to dramatically increase the performance of the brains functioning. Much of our time is wasted by forgetting things and not being able to read, comprehend or remember effectively. Most information is not taken in or remembered. Do you know of anything that makes a noticeable and measurable difference. There is a way to test your memory and comprehension at
     4. A way to determine what the human body is deficient in or what we have too much of so that action could be taken. Perhaps there are simple and affective tests to determine if a change in diet or lifestyle is required.
     5. Water treatment systems or filters that remove all the possibly harmful contaminants in tap water or other water sources. Something that is low maintenance, easy to install and affordable would be good.
     6. Air treatment systems for the home that reduce pollution and make the air in an indoor environment appear to be about as fresh as the air outdoors. It would be good if there is also an efficient and low cost way to produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide if windows have to be shut or sealed for a long period of time. This could be the case in the future if harmful pollution is in the atmosphere.
     7. A pollution sensor that could be connected to an alarm to warn us when there is pollution so that windows can be closed.
     8. A list of honest companies and methods that are the best to increase publicity for an article, advertisement or website. It would be good to find the most affordable and time efficient way to share a message so that the maximum number of people could see it.
     9. A data base of companies that are fraudulent, and a directory of public comments about companies so that a company can be searched to see if it has a good reputation. This would help people to decide which companies to purchase from, and which ones to avoid.
     10. Better methods to forecast the weather.

If you know of any of the above that are significantly better than the average, please let me know.

God's leading and a challenge

     If someone does claim to be led by God or to have the Holy Spirit, they should be able to pray for others so that God should provide people with their needs. Many people claim desirable outcomes or answered prayers have happened in their lives. However, the true test to see if they were truly led by God would be if they could pray for others so that consistent answered prayers are obvious, and so that the result cannot be explained by the laws of probability. For example, if you claim to be led by God, I should be able to write to you and give you some examples of some things that I am searching for. Then you should be able to pray and come up with where to look. When I take your advice, and go to those places, I should be able to find what I seek so that the result cannot be explained naturally. If we could find those led by God and find a genuine relationship God ourselves, we would save an enormous amount of time that is currently spent searching for our needs and worrying about what decisions to make.           
     If you claim to be led by God, I challenge you to go and pray for those who are seeking God and are having a hard time. God commands His disciples to do this and he promises results. For example, by going and praying for people so that your prayers make a noticeable difference and amaze the people like the apostles did. If you are truly led by God, you should be able to do these things so that there are obvious results to those who are seeking.      
     I am challenging people to prove God is in their lives as explained in the page “A Powerful Challenge to Bring Revival” at
     I am inviting Christians for fellowship and to form a group so that we can help others who are seeking God. Many people who mean well have faith and have sought God with all their ability. However, now they are weak in faith because they feel that God has not provided for their needs. They are becoming angry with God and struggling to obey and love Him due to demonic possession or trauma. They sometimes see God as an unfair, cruel and sadistic God because despite their prayers, He has not provided them with the resources so that they could achieve their plans to do God's will and help people. As a result, it appears as if their life was wasted, often because they made incorrect decisions and could not find what they needed. It seems as if these people need someone led by God like the Apostles to help, as they are unable to help themselves. Committed Christians, whose prayers make a noticeable difference and are definitely led by God, could help and encourage these people. Will you be able to help by either praying for these people or finding someone whose prayers make a difference so that they can pray for them?
     An idea would be to do a survey of what stops people from believing in the Bible or the salvation message. Many believe the major reason is because people have not been taught the initial steps to salvation or been taught convincing evidence for creation. However, I think the majority of unbelievers have already been taught these things. So putting the focus into re-teaching these things to those that already know them would not be the best use of our time. Many people want to believe. However, the shambles in the church and the contentions among different beliefs is confusing them and putting them off. Another off-putting factor is the lack of evidence of God working in people's lives, and that we have not found a group yet that have produced the evidence that they are led by God. God is obvious in the creation. However, chaos, confusion and contentions rain in the lives of those that we know who claim to be led by God. A solution is to find those who are truly led by God like the Apostles were and address the above problems. That would be a more affective way to win the lost.
     I have letters to share, and an advertisement for a newsletter to help us find people led by God. This page is also in printer friendly format that prints on one sheet of paper. Could you possibly help by sharing or sponsoring this information or finding those who could? Before you print or share multimple copies, it is important that you read these instructions, suggestions and terms.

I value you comments.

Your help will be appreciated
Regards Richard

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