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Sources Claiming to Have Evidence that the Bible is False

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Bible refutes.

Below are some sources including some that people have written to me about which claim to give evidence that the Bible is false. We are seeking information that refutes these claims to give a balance to the debate. There are studies by other people who have shown that the Bible has never been proven wrong and has always been shown to be true. For example the Bible's prophecies were literally fulfilled in the past.

I find some people are skeptical about a lot of statements in the Bible and they claim that they do not match historic fact and contradict. These people have some knowledge of history and logic and come up with reasons why the Bible is not true.

It would be good if there was a page that listed the reasons why many people claim the Bible is not true and besides those reasons an explanation could be given. Do you know of a page or website preferably with questions and answers that answer many of the skeptic's questions so that they can be convinced that the Bible is true? It is important for people knowledgeable about the Bible to know about the below sites so that they can offer counter claims. I am sure many people would have these counter claims and have explanations of the matters raised on the below sites. Please let me know of any souses you know of.

Free to Read Information on Websites

The program "Who Wrote The Bible" by Robert Beckford can be freely seen at this link.
There is other information at http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&q=%22Who+Wrote+The+Bible%22+by+Robert+Beckford&btnG=Google+Search&meta=

Books With a Review

The Pagan Christ - Is Blind Faith killing Christianity by Tom Harpur.
Biblical Nonsense by Jason Long
The Bible Fraud by Tony Bushby

True Christianity * Are you really Saved?        * You may be Shocked       * Great Solutions, Hope & Answers Unlike seen Elsewhere        * A Better System & Workforce      * The Great Deception        * Much More

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