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Summary and Overview of Many Topics


True Christianity This is a brief summary about many completely different topics so it is vital to read all of it. Additional information, scripture references, and convincing proof are in the full report so it is important to also read that.

True Christianity We need faith, but not the blind faith like people who accept everything that their denominations tell them. If members of certain denominations searched for evidence that their beliefs are correct, they would realize their errors.

Solutions and Fellowship

True Christianity The solution to many of our problems would be to form a group to search for committed believers that have the evidence that God is in their lives, in the ways God promised His people. If we could find them, they could help and pray for us so that we could help others. They could work with us and guide us, so that we could be more able to do God's ministry. They could encourage us to walk with God and teach us their methods of doing so.

True Christianity The Bible promises that godly people will receive answers to prayer and divine help with a greater percentage of desirable outcomes, and a lower percentage of undesirable outcomes, than any unbelievers. . Luke 11:9. . . Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; . . . James 5:16 . . . The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Therefore, God should help His people to think or work more efficiently, remember better, make the correct decisions, and find what they need with less frustrating problems, inconveniences or accidents than any unbelievers. The difference between believers and unbelievers should be dramatic and measurable, like it was with the apostles. However, the difference is not obvious for everyone we know.

True Christianity The Bible says that believers will experience trials, problems, and persecution, but the end result should work out for the best and be positive and purposeful because Rom 8:28 says . . . all things work together for good to them that love God . . . Many frustrating problems will be overcome if we can find a genuine relationship with God. Then we would be able to do God's work more efficiently and have much more time to achieve this.

True Christianity It seems sensible to spend a lot of time seeking God and His people, because currently we and everyone we know have relentless, frustrating problems that waste most of our time. These include making incorrect decisions that prove costly, making mistakes, having accidents and breakdowns, losing and searching for things, slowly reading and comprehending and forgetting most of what we learnt. There would be enormous benefits if we had less of these problems.

Supernatural Evidence of True Believers

True Christianity We should seek God and not the signs themselves, but the Bible says that there should be supernatural evidence or signs with believers. It is important to research if the signs are really from God and not Satan. Some Godly signs we have not seen today include supernatural healing and casting out of demons; supernatural protection from deadly animals and substances (Mark 16:17-18); prophecy that must have 100% accuracy (Deut 18: 20-23) and divine leading.

Who is Led By God?

True Christianity Almost all churches and Christians disagree on important issues. It appears that God is not leading them because He would lead people to the one truth and not contradict himself. Almost everybody must be wrong. If people claim that God led them to a belief or decision, it should always be correct. Otherwise it is not really God leading them. I know many sincere and caring people seeking God and his word. However, God may not be truly leading anyone we know for the above reasons.

True Christianity Possibly, all modern day dreams and visions that we know of may be natural imaginations or demon impersonations (e.g. visions of angels or Mary). The Bible warns of widespread deception in the last days. Many people are deceived that they witness divine interventions and miracles. In most cases it is imagination, deception, the placebo affect and natural occurrences. What people claim to be miracles are mostly not supernatural events. Hence they deceive others that the miracles in the Apostles time are like those today. Some churches do it to gain funding for unnecessary buildings and musical instruments.

True Christianity Signs and miracles occurred consistently for the Apostles. The Bible didn't say that they'd stop.

True Christianity If you claim that God divinely helps and leads you and answers your prayers or that miracles are occurring consistently in your group could you please contact me. God commands us to pray for people and to go out into the world and preach. If you are truly led by God, you probably should be able to; 1. Visit us or inform us who could visit. 2. Pray for and come up with a list of names and contact details of the people that we need to help us, and when we contact those people they should be the correct people that can help. 3. Help us make the correct decisions such as finding what items we need. We need people to either pray for people or briefly work on some projects.

True Christianity For everyone that we know, Murphy's Law and chaotic problems prevail without a positive outcome or purpose. If you claim that God is leading and working in your life when He is not, you are suggesting God is chaotic. Perhaps most of the time He leaves the lives of the unsaved or backslidden people to chance or Satan and only controls major events in their lives. This is because God is perfect, orderly and supernatural, hence the signs that God has a hand in believers lives should be obvious and unlike the chaos that occurs in our lives.

A Group with a better System and Workforce

True Christianity We need to form a group that would mix with unbelievers, to minister to and help them, but not to yoke with unbelievers by working or living with them for long. All able believers should work hard doing God's will and share their wealth. Like the Apostles, people should leave the corrupt mainstream workforce to work in the more efficient system described in the full report. They could do something that they enjoy similar to their current work, using their talents. Then they would be able to:
1. Achieve more, benefit the community better, and not be led astray or bullied in the workplace.
2. Have more time and fewer restrictions to minister to unbelievers.
3. Encourage others to do likewise and not be worldly.

Obedience to God

True Christianity Many scriptures indicate that salvation is conditional on obeying God. Mainstream churches don't teach this. This does explain the lack of difference between unbelievers and so called believers and the problems that are occurring. The Bible states that there will be curses, disasters and problems for those who disobey God, and blessings for those who obey Him (Duet 28).

True Christianity People need to seek to share and provide an efficient service instead of seeking paid work where they take money and spend it on unnecessary things, without using it for God's will. Money has to come from somewhere to the financial disadvantage of someone else. Paid workers or the wealthy disadvantage society unless they use their money for God's will. Volunteer workers doing useful projects are a net benefit. Unnecessary things such as almost all fashions, jewelry, cosmetics, decorations, entertainment and toys corrupt society and would be considered idols. They mean less money is used for God's will. Only about 5% of people in the world earn more than a very basic income (such as a pension) that can only provide for the bare essentials. It is the duty of those earning any more than that to share, or use all their excess wealth for God's will, otherwise they could be guilty of disadvantaging others.

True Christianity It is possible that nobody is born again if they don't obey or try to do everything described above and detailed in the report (Heb 10:26-28). "Mat 7: 21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven". In John 3:16 the term believe must mean that you must believe in and seek to do what God stands for. The Bible says that the devils know the truth and believe that God exists. Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and asking Him into your life and to forgive you is only the first step to salvation.

Conspiracies, Money and Sharing Solutions

True Christianity Most of the secular workforce, the media and education system are controlled by a global conspiracy. The plan prophesized in the Bible is to form a one-world government and force everyone to worship the coming Antichrist and Satan. The International Bankers conspiracy infiltrates all mainstream systems and has many politicians, churches and multinationals as members. The goal is waste, inefficiency, suppression of good technology and creating problems to gain control and profit from the interest. Often in the workforce you would need to promote ungodly and inefficient practices even if you know a better way. We need to work for God and not Satan. Serious competition (such as for seeking paid jobs or money) is Satan's method to disadvantage others while God's method is about sharing and a rightfully regulated "fair go" for everyone.

True Christianity The conspirators deceive the masses to seek money for unnecessary things. Hence people find no time to search for the truth and do God's will. Instead of volunteering and sharing, people charge money too often for things which suppress useful products, services and information. This is because people are much more likely to use something that is free. We should offer to pay people, but charging everyone discriminates against the poor and means inefficient and risky money transactions. People are deceived that gaining money is easy, but instead many go bankrupt or become unemployed. Approximately 95% of small businesses lose money. A new system would mean that you could start working to benefit others today, instead of gambling your time and money searching for a suitable paid job which you may not find.

How Many Will be Saved

True Christianity False teaching, imagination and subtle deception cause a false assurance of salvation for the unsaved so that they become complacent and stop searching for God.

True Christianity The Bible says that these last days will be wicked with a falling away like Noah's time when only 8 people on earth were saved. Man's activities and festivals are almost totally evil. "Luke 16:13 . . . for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God." Verses suggesting that a large number will be saved are misinterpreted and not describing the situation today. God will reject many that do wonderful works in his name (Mat 7:22).

True Christianity Even if we are not yet born again, and have not met or even heard of any born again people alive today, there is still a good chance that we will be saved in the future revival if we seek to obey God.

True Christianity God could consider it pretentious if we claim to be saved if we are not.

Other Brief Different Points

True Christianity The Apostles were very bold. Many wrongfully believe that we should not judge at all, but this only applies to certain forms of judgment. The Bible says to use righteous judgment.

True Christianity Proven research indicates that most, if not all modern mainstream evangelists teach false doctrine or have had false prophecies despite some truth. Possibly none of them are born again. The Bible says that today's church will be lukewarm and apostate.

True Christianity Widespread doctrines are accepted, but careful Bible research indicates that they are false. You need to consider translation errors, historic comparisons and Bible aids in some subjects. For eg; careful research indicates Hell has 3 meanings. One indicates eternal death and annihilation after a limited period of torment that differs for each soul. Doubtful subjects should not be taught as certain.

True Christianity Many scriptures only refer to the people God has chosen. If they applied to everyone they would contradict. For example, the scriptures indicate God may only love and personally know his chosen people. It talks about those that He does not know or has forsaken (Matt 7:23, Rom 9:13, Jer 23:39) . They receive the curses that the ungodly are promised. However, there is still hope God will love and appear to us if we obey Him, share the gospel and find those truly led by God.


True Christianity There are many promises for God's people including consistent joy and peace during terrible problems, supernatural help, and all things working together for good. Nobody we know has produced evidence that they consistently have the above. They often receive the opposite and curses that the ungodly are promised such as relentless chaos and problems without an obvious purpose. If you know of anyone consistently receiving God's promises, who is led by God, please inform me.

True Christianity Please share this information so that you can help us form a revival and locate Godly people to help us.

True Christianity It is important that you also read the full report for references and convincing proof. There are also many more subjects explained. It is in a free separate booklet or linked to the website at where you will find more free info & contacts.

True Christianity Please contact me for free copies and feedback. Changes to this information will be considered. Richard Hole 2003-2009.

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