How to Win the Lost

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How to Win the Lost.

How to Win the Lost

To win the lost we need to understand how they feel. Christians need to find out why people do not believe. A survey would be useful to ask unbelievers why they do not believe. In the survey the believers could also determine which method is best to win the lost. This article explains how many feel, and later gives the solution to help them believe. It is important to listen and understand people's feelings to win them over.

A Problem that We Need to Understand

The church appears to be focusing on preaching many things that are not winning the lost, as they are not addressing their concerns. The church needs to realize that many people have accepted its message and are still hurting. Many people have heard the gospel preached by the churches on how to accept Jesus. However, a lot of people have done this and believed, and sought God with all their ability, and yet they became later hurt and angry with God, even though they initially loved Him. This is because they put faith in God and trusted Him to provide for their needs and lead them. However, they later found that this did not happen, because they were led into error and mistakes. They had frustrating problems and made the incorrect practical decisions. They had Godly plans to help people and share the gospel. They sought God with all their ability to do His will, and believed that God was leading them to do their plans, and other Christians agreed. However, the plans did not work out because they either made incorrect decisions, had unfortunate circumstances happen to them, or could not find what or who they needed. Their tasks also took much longer than they had hoped. Therefore, it appears as if their life has been wasted, because they could not achieve the plans that they felt that God led them to do.

Not only were they denied the opportunity to help or benefit others, but they now are a burden to people because they needed help from others to achieve their plans. They are now unable to return the favors to help those people because their plans did not work out. Often, other people may now have to care for them due to the problems that they now have, for example, accidents, illnesses or post traumatic stress.  They are so traumatized that they have lost faith that God loves them or that He can be trusted. This is because they have tried so many times, believing that He would help them. However, this has not happened. They feel that God is cruel and sadistic and that He is determined to torture them not only in this life, but also in Hell. It is so hard for them to regain their love for God, who has appeared to have let them down and not answered their prayers. They feel that if only God had shown His love for them and provided for their needs, then they would have joy and would have been able to help many people and do God's will.

Many people must think like described above because so many have backslid and are hurting. Examples of people's disappointments, suffering and shattered plans make up most of the nightly news or newspapers. That is only the tip of the iceberg as generally the really bad news is covered up. Suicide is a common problem.

The major message that the church preaches does not help these people as they have heard the church's message and believed it before. Many of those who are lost and hurting are still seeking God, wanting to do His will and desiring to find the truth and have a relationship with Him. However, they feel that they are unable to do it themselves without the help of a powerful man of God to encourage them and cast out their devils.

Another reason why people are not believing is because of the shambles in the church. There is division and disagreement among churches and people who claim to be led by God. This would be evidence that they are not led by God. .

A Solution

In the Bible, the lost and demon possessed were generally unable to find God or be set free unless the apostles prayed for them to break the curse and bondage on their lives. That is why it is important to find people who are led by God and whose prayers make a difference so that they can help these people.

Many lost people want help and desire to find God. However, they seem too traumatized and demon possessed to succeed in God by themselves. What they need are people who have successfully found God whom God has given the supernatural power to cast out demons and break the curses on their lives. If we could find those led by God they could pray for us and lead us to the truth so that we could effectively serve God.

A Reason for Change

God may want us to spend much more time sharing the facts in this article, and to warn people that something is wrong, and that possibly everybody we know is subtly deceived, under a curse and not saved. This is so that people will hopefully search for the truth and find it so that God will then save and bless them. The prophets in the Bible warned people that the world was almost totally evil and that almost everyone was lost. They warned them that they had to change their ways to please God. God appears to be angry with us because he is not providing for our needs.

Currently life is so inefficient and mostly a waste of time because:
1. Reading and comprehension speed is slow and we forget most of what we take in.
2. We look in the wrong places trying to find what or who we need.
3. We make spend most of our time trying to work out what decisions to make and then find out that they were either the wrong choice or not the best choice. The consequences can be disastrous.
4. Frustrating problems hinder us.

As a result of these problems, tasks take longer than people expect, and then people are so busy that they are unable to do what they hope to help others. What people are currently doing appears to be mostly a waste of time, so it would make sense for people to stop what they are currently doing and instead search for a better way. They should also try to find a relationship with God so that the above problems can be solved.

Many people claim to have the Holy Spirit. However, they have been led into disagreement and error during the times that they claim that the Holy Spirit leads them. They have not been able to help the people described above. This would be evidence that they are subtly deceived and believe that the Holy Spirit is leading them when in fact He is not. I have never seen anyone who has produced the evidence that they are consistently led by the Holy Spirit in practical ways like the Bible suggests. If they were supernaturally led, I would expect that they should be able to answer the questions at and help and pray for the people described above so that their prayers make a noticeable difference.

Many people apparently boast about the miracles that God has done in their lives, along with how their prayers were answered. However, the concern is that they have not risen to the challenge to come and pray for others and prove that their prayers do make a difference. Many people try to win people to God by preaching the contentious doctrines they believe. They try to prove that evolution is incorrect or preach the initial steps of salvation or how God loves them. However, these things do not address the concerns of many of those that are lost. Those who are lost and searching have probably heard their views before. I think the solution is above. I challenge people to put their time into searching for God and searching for those truly led by Him, instead of preaching things that do not appear to be winning many to God.

It appears as if God has left many people to chance, as there are so many unfortunate incidents without purpose. The problem is that many people feel that God appears to be unfair, cruel, sadistic, untrustrworthy and unloving. It would help to win the lost if we could help find the evidence that He is not like this.

If you believe people feel differently to the above, please help us do a survey.

Conclusion and Solution

If we can find those who are led and helped by God, it is likely that they would be on the correct path. They could then teach us the truth on many contentious issues, and pray for us so that any demons possessing us could be cast out and curses could be broken in our lives. We would then find it easier to find the truth and obey God. If we can find a united group of people who are supernaturally led by God, people would be more convinced that God is working in people's lives today. Please help us find them so that we can find the truth and help others who are hurting. You can do this by sharing some letters that I suggest.

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I value you comments.

Your help would be appreciated,
Regards Richard

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