The Aims and Does Prayer Work

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The Aims and Does Prayer Work

The Aims and Does Prayer Work

The aims:
1. To find people who will help us to search for those who are truly led and helped by God in practical ways, such as by making the correct decisions and finding what they need. We need godly people for fellowship and to teach us the truth. They could help us to find a true relationship with God and pray for us. The power of demons or strongholds that hold us back and prevent us obeying and being close to God could then be broken. The potential would be enormous and we would be able to achieve so much more, and could be of greater assistance to others.

The desired results would be to be to find a close relationship with God and to be led by Him into all truth and obedience, and be led to make the correct decisions. It would be good to be led into plans that are in accordance with God's will and to succeed to bear fruit and help other people, and lead others to God.

2. To warn people that if the status quo prevails, there is strong evidence indicating that possibly nobody that we know, including ourselves, is right with God or saved. Scriptures and evidence indicate that that people are only imagining that they have a relationship with God. People claiming to be led by God are led into disagreement and error. They are led to make decisions or into projects that often appear to be beneficial and from God. However, unfortunate circumstances prevent them from achieving their plans. This is often because they could not find what or who they needed to help. So perhaps nobody that we know is truly led by God. There are relentless divisions, confusion, disharmony, mistakes, disappointments and chaotic problems with no positive purpose. Nobody that we know has produced the evidence that they are receiving the promises which the scriptures promise the righteous. God appears to be angry at us as He is not providing for our needs and perhaps not working in our lives. Many scriptures indicate that salvation is conditional on obedience to God and that few will be saved. The Bible indicates that in the last days the mainstream church is apostate, lukewarm and will be rejected. Please see the below website or other free booklets for more information. I do not want to indicate this aim too strongly as it would discourage people from sharing the information. However, the diabolical shambles that we are in needs to be highlighted so that it can be rectified.

3. To search for the truth. To get people to read the evidence of the above on the website and also visit the other websites that have unrelated subjects.

4. To get people to share or sponsor the below advertisement or other similar advertisements or other information on the websites.

5. To get feedback on how the below advertisement can be improved so that more people will read it and take action.

6. To convince people to share the information even if they disagree on some points by indicating that I am prepared to make changes to my letter if that is required to get them to share it. I want to make it clear to people that if some of their views differ to mine, they are welcome to write a short note above my letter if they share it. For example:
"I do not agree with everything, or support some of these views, however, the below letter is still well worth reading"

Sharing this information could help us find fellowship and people who are closely led by God. They could then help or teach us and pray that we will be led into all truth. This may change many of our views and then we may be led into agreement. I could draft a different advertisement that does not cause contention with the purpose of just trying to find a relationship with God and to locate divinely led people.

Please let me know of any good papers or newsletters that I could put it in. Large national newspapers could be worthwhile. However, they are expensive. It probably would be best to put a phone number of a local contact on the ads where the paper is distributed. This is so that people will not have to ring me overseas. Do you have any other ideas or know of anyone who can help? There would not be too much involved. It is just a matter of getting the contacts of the people that ring and determining if they are interested in helping us find those obviously led by God. Then I could contact them.

I am thinking of putting the below advertisement in some newspapers. Do you think that the shorter advertisement below would get more response than the longer one at titled "Does Prayer Make a Noticeable Difference?". More people would read something that is shorter. However, it contains less important information and could cause a misunderstanding as it lacks clarification like in the longer one. Do you think the shorter one still gets the message across and should gain interest? Do you have any suggestions? For example, an alternative heading.

Does prayer work?

The Bible promises blessings and answered prayer for those who believe the truth and obey God, but the opposite for those who disobey or are in error. It also states that the majority are deceived and not right with God. They only imagine that they have a relationship with God. This is evident because those that we know that claim to be led by God are led into disagreement and error. Their prayers do not make any noticeable or measurable difference to what happens naturally to the ungodly. The righteous are still promised trials and some problems. However, they should have an obvious purpose. It is in the Devil's interest to deceive people that they are saved when they are not, so that they will not search for and find the truth.
   A solution is to form a group to search for those whose prayers consistently make a



noticeable difference. If we can find them, they could help, encourage and pray for us. They should also be able to show us the full truth on many contentious issues. God would then hopefully help us so that we could assist others more. God must be the main focus. However, fellowship, guidance and prayer from godly people is important. The Apostles taught the truth to the lost.
   Please help us search for those who are obviously led and helped by God in practical ways. Do you know anyone that God supernaturally leads to make the correct decisions and find what they need?
   Contact or
Leonard St, Tolga, Qld 4882 Australia.
Ph +617 4095 5447. Please share or sponsor this ad. Changes negotiable. Rare info on many topics at


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Please make sure that you have seen the main page.

I value you comments.

Your help will be appreciated
Regards Richard

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