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The below letter is for Christian websites, however, it could be easily modified to send to Christians who do not have websites because many have only left messages in guestbooks, forums, message boards etc. Please click here for another letter to send to people you know, or for your mailing list.

If you do not agree with some of the content, and you prefer to send out this letter subject to changes being made, please let me know, because I am happy to negotiate any changes.

After first contacting me, please only send the below letter to targeted people who are interested, after you confirm this by reading their website or message.

True Christianity True Christianity.

Christian letter After first contacting me, please email the below letter to Christian websites, or anyone with a Christian website. It is very important that you contact me first, so this promotion can be regulated and done in a responsible manner. I have developed a unique and simple system so you can avoid going to websites or contacting people that other people have contacted before. I will explain how to do it after you contact me. It is important that you only send the email to targeted people who are interested, because we do not believe in spam.
Copy letter. The simplest way is to email the message. I can email you the letter complete with the subject. Alternatively, you can highlight the below text down to the website address just before the words "END COPY". Then right click on the highlighted text. Next, click copy, and then paste it into your email message. Then you can place your name after the word "regards" at the bottom of the letter. Also you can add comments near the beginning of the letter about the website you visited. If you see the name of the person with the email address it may pay to address it to them personally. Then you can send the letter to relevant websites.
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I have been to your website and am interested in working with you, or if you know of anyone who could help. Also we would be interested in swapping links, because we have Christian sites.

We are inviting Christians to come to work with us so that we can pray for and minister to people who need help. We also have some other practical projects in mind. We are yet to meet anyone that can prove God answers prayer or supernaturally guides and helps in the ways described on a very interesting website I read. For example who do you know that God helps to make the correct decisions and find what they need, so there is no doubt that it is God and not a natural coincidence?

If we associated with such people, it would help us find or walk with God so we can do his ministry more efficiently. Then we would be more easily able to encourage people to walk with God and form Christian groups. If it is not possible for the divinely led believers to visit us, we can still communicate by many means. Do you now know the contacts of any committed Christians or Christian groups who could help in ways described?

You would think that the true believers walking close with God would be able to pray for and receive a list of people or contacts to help in the above ways. If their revelation of their recommended people or contacts was truly from God, you would think that we would be able to contact those people or contacts, and they should all be the correct people to help. Do you know anyone one who claims to be able to consistently communicate with God like this? So many times people are deceived that they hear the voice of God and have a relationship with him, but it is only their imagination. If their relationship was truly with God you would think it would be noticeable to any witness that God helps them, and consistently answers their prayers in practical ways, so that the result could not be explained by a natural coincidence.

My friend's website I referred to above is very different to what is normally seen. I value people's feedback. There is good news and plans for a better system on the website. It also contains a summary page containing very important and suppressed information that is rarely seen or thought about. After reading it you may see the Bible in a whole new light. Most people have missed important points in the Bible and focus on unimportant and divisive things. The website at http://www.truechristianity.com/ has some interesting information, which could help form a great new group moving for God. The Devil has deceived the majority and created complacency, such as causing people to believe that there are definitely millions of people saved. The site contains detailed Bible based references to prove many things that you may not be aware of. So many doctrines in the church are not based on scripture and can be proven wrong by careful Bible study.

The website explains how a better system could be implemented that is far more efficient and enjoyable than the corrupted mainstream one. Believers could work together as an independent group, doing ministry or even practical professions to use their existing skills and interests to provide a quality service to the community. Believers should not be yoked with unbelievers, so therefore, the system would be more efficient and lack corruption or workplace bullying. Therefore more results could be achieved, and more time would be available to mix with and minister to unbelievers.

The website is also linked to other websites including a wide range inventions that can improve our lives, a lobby group to help the needy with innovative solutions to the country's problems, true conspiracies we need to be aware of, and the solutions, a weather website recording our local weather, and information on the picturesque and pleasant area.

Please give us some feedback and inform us of anyone who can help in the above ways.

It would be appreciated if you could share this letter with people, but if you do could you please only send it to targeted people who are interested, because we do not believe in spam. If this reached you in error we apologize.

Your help will be appreciated,

Website: http://www.truechristianity.com/


We oppose spam or the sending of emails to untargeted people who are not interested in the subject. We do our best to only recruit members who will email people in a responsible manner. However, we are not responsible if any member does not act responsibly.

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