Disabled Man has Unique Ideas to Spread God's Word

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 Disabled man has unique ideas to spread God's word

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Contact Richard Hole
Website http://www.truechristianity.com
Address: 9 Leonard St, Tolga, Queenland, Australia, 4882.
ph +61740954354

Disabled Man has Unique Ideas to Spread God's Word

With the inconvenience of having only one leg, Richard Hole from North Queensland in Australia is still trying to spread God's word more efficiently with his many different Christian sites at http://www.truechristianity.com These sites include a forum; Bible prophecy; information on Christian deceptions; a revolutionary, rapid Bible verse finding invention that easily adapts to any Bible; and sites including many other inventions. He needs people to help spread the message, and to contribute in various ways.

In one of Richard's many sites he shows how he has come up with a unique Bible tab invention that can find a verse in approximately 4 seconds, and it can be simply adapted to any Bible. The system can benefit you, even if you already have tabs or indentations in your Bible, as you will still need to use these. Whereas commonly used tabs or indentations find a book in the Bible, these revolutionary tabs also enable finding the chapters. Once the tabs are installed, they will save you much time finding verses, and make Bible study easier. This invention will also encourage people to study the Bible, as they will not have the frustration of flipping through pages, without guidance, to find verses.

Richard also has a Christian forum, with many possible solutions to tricky questions. Having a forum is a good idea, as many people may turn to God if they knew the answers to some of life's harder questions. People who send in answers can help to alleviate the confusion of others.

Richard's site also contains a detailed summary of Bible Prophecy.

Richard is very concerned that many Christians??? are in extreme danger, as they are not either helping to spread God's message, or assisting the poor. They either should contribute financially or with their time to the furtherance of the gospel, as did the disciples as stated in 1John 3:17, Luke3:11 & many other verses. Often due to the corrupt system, and due to no fault of their own, a large number of people in richer countries (including approximately 95% of small businesses), are earning below the pension rate. This is despite the fact that they often work very hard, and many want to do God's will. People fortunate enough to earn an income, who don't use the excess for God's will, are denying many poor people a chance to do God's will, or are preventing people from hearing the gospel.

Richard had a major car accident in which he lost a leg, after a head on collision when a car veered on to the wrong side of the road. While he has been recovering, Richard has spent most of the time on the computer, designing and promoting his many  different web sites, which include Christian sites, a wide range of inventions, a lobby group for helping small businesses and helping to improve our economy, and many others

Please see more information along with many other inventions at www.truechristianity.com

Your help will be appreciated,
Regards Richard

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The photo shows Richard with a unique backpack frame he invented and now marketing at http://www.advantagein.com/backpacks  Comfortable porous straps maintain an adjustable gap between the pack and his back.

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