I am trying to get some photocopying done for non profit community groups and projects that can help many people. We plan to keep the information free.

Is it possible for you to do any free or discounted photocopies for us?

Currently we are doing three papers that are each on one sheet of A4 paper with print on both sides. However, they could be reformatted on Letter size paper. If you can help, how many copies would you be able to do of each paper if you used:
1. A4 paper
2. Letter paper

If I provided the paper, how many more copies could you do, or how much less would it cost?

If I did the photocopying instead of you, would it enable more copies, or doing them for a lower cost?

If you will charge us anything, how much would it be?

There is information on the different groups and other projects at TrueSolutions.info

Your help will be appreciated,