I read this interesting letter written by Richard Hole, who is a friend of mine. He is inviting believers to form a group for fellowship and to help search for people that can produce the evidence that God is miraculously working in people's lives today.  
    His website at TrueChristianity.com also contains rarely seen but very important information that Christians need to know. Please read the below letter. It is well worth reading. Booklets with more information are freely available.


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*  Rare Information Christians Must Know.
*  Solutions and Groups to Help Form a Revival and Find those that Can Help us.
*  Do You Know Those who are Obviously Led and Helped by God?


   I am inviting Christians to come to work with us so that we can pray for and minister to people who need help. I also have some other practical projects in mind. If you know of anyone who can help, please let me know.    
   The Bible says that believers will experience trials, problems, and persecution, but the end result should work out for the best and be positive and purposeful because Rom 8:28 says: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose." Therefore, many frustrating problems will be overcome if we can find a genuine relationship with God. We should then be able to do God's work more efficiently and have time to achieve much more.    
   For the righteous God promises blessings, answered prayer and help with their needs. He promises the opposite for those who disobey. Therefore there should be a dramatic and measurable difference between what happens to those who obey Him and what happens to those who disobey Him.

God's Leading and Help

   If someone had a true and close relationship with God, the Bible indicates that it would be noticeable to others that God was helping them. This is because God would consistently answer their prayers in practical ways, so that the result could not be easily explained scientifically or by the laws of probability. If the events could be explained by natural causes, then God may not be involved because God is supernatural and not chaotic. The relentless chaotic events without purpose that occur in the lives of everyone that we know indicate that we may not be walking correctly with God. He may in fact be very angry with us and may be saying that we are not yet saved and that we need to repent and find a relationship with him. Many scriptures indicate that salvation is conditional on obedience to God. More details and scripture references are explained in free booklets or on the website described below.

    Some of my Christian friends and I are yet to meet anyone that can produce evidence that God answers prayer, or supernaturally guides and helps in practical ways. For example, who do you know that:
1. God helps to make the correct decisions and find what they need, so there is no doubt that it is God and not a natural coincidence?
2. God helps and answers their prayers so that they have a lower percentage of frustrating problems and a higher percentage of desirable outcomes than any unbelievers?
3. prays for people so that they receive any of the following?  
1. Supernatural healings.   2. More frequent healings than could naturally happen.   3. The breaking of curses?   4. The casting out of demons, which should set an ill and possessed person free of what is binding and hindering them.

    If we associated with such people, it would help us find or walk with God so we could do his ministry more efficiently. Then we would be more easily able to encourage people to walk with God and form Christian groups. My local friends and I are from a beautiful, safe area in Australia, but I communicate with other people around the world who also need similar help. I can refer them to you. If it is not possible for the divinely led believers to visit us, we can still communicate by many means. Do you now know the contacts of any committed Christians or Christian groups who could help in the ways described?

    The true believers walking close with God should hopefully be able to pray for and receive a list of people to help in the above ways. If their revelation of their recommended people was truly from God, we should be able to contact those people or contacts, and they should all be the correct people to help. Do you know anyone one who claims to be able to consistently communicate with God like this?


    I am concerned that many people are deceived into thinking that they hear the voice of God and have a relationship with him, but it is only their imagination. This is obvious, because people who claim to be led by God are led into disagreement and error. If someone claims that a decision, belief or prophecy is from God, it should always be correct. Otherwise, they are not being led by God, because God does not make mistakes. The Bible states that deception will be widespread in these last days and that few will be saved in this age. It would be in the Devils interest to deceive people that they are saved and led by God, when in fact they are not. The Devil can then make people complacent and not seek to find God because people will not be looking for something if they are deceived that they already have it. We need faith, but we also need to make sure that what we believe in is true. Too many people have blind faith and believe in cults and false doctrine, and as a result do not find the truth.

A New Group with a More Efficient and Enjoyable System

   The mainstream system is corrupt and very inefficient. Too many people are deceived that they have to work for this system to gain money, which they then spend on unnecessary things. The Bible says that people should not do this. The solution is to form a group offering a better system with better services than the mainstream system. Members could volunteer, share and work on something that they enjoy. They could still continue a similar profession using their talents. However, it would be in an efficient Christian based system that could have many services that would benefit the community much more than the mainstream one. People would then donate to help fund our group. Members would have much more time to mix with unbelievers to minister to them. However, they would not have to yoke (work or live) with them.
   Society revolves too much around money, competition and materialism. Wealth distribution is unfair, as many of the poorest people are harder working, more intelligent and honest than those fortunate enough to have wealth. Charging everyone money therefore denies the needy access to goods, services and information because they cannot afford them. Money transactions are inefficient and often risky. Goods, services and information are therefore suppressed and fail to benefit many people. A better way is to freely share with people and instead encourage those with money to give donations. Fair regulation is needed to benefit the needy instead of competition which benefits those with wealth and power.
   Some members could work on trying to find those obviously led and helped by God like described above. If we could find them the potential would be enormous. They would pray and work with us and help us find God or be supernaturally led by Him like described above. We could then do much more of God's work, and more people would be helped.

More Information and Sharing this Letter

    I have free booklets and websites with more information and new ideas for community groups, and suppressed solutions to help people. They have rare information on several topics that is important to know. Do you want me to send some booklets or are you able to visit the website at truechristianity.com ? Your comments on this website will be appreciated. I would be interested in swapping links with people.

    It would be much appreciated if you could send this letter out to other people that you know who are interested. However, please contact us first. It is best if we send you the original letters to share because it will look better than a forwarded one. A similar letter is also available on the website so that you can email it to people. It is at truechristianity.com/letter.htm
   If you are concerned that people may think that you are endorsing some beliefs which you may not necessarily agree with, you are welcome to state something like "I do not agree with everything, but it is still well worth reading". I believe that it is worth getting opinions of others on it irrespective of whether you fully agree or not, because changes can be made, and many people would agree to or use at least most of these truths. If you do not agree with some of the content, and you prefer to send out this letter subject to changes being made, please let us know, because we are happy to negotiate any changes. Sharing this information will help us find people who are genuinely led by God. They could then teach us and pray that we will be led into all truth. This may change many of our views.

    Please give me some feedback and inform me of anyone who can help in the above ways. You can contact me on the below addresses. Communication by email is preferred if possible. Alternatively you can contact the person who sent you the letter.

Your help will be appreciated,
Regards Richard.

Email: website3@truesolutions.info
Website: truechristianity.com

Richard Hole, 9 Leonard St,
Tolga Qld 4882, Australia.