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Lower Costs, Not Higher Wages

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Lower Costs, Not Higher Wages

In countries with above average costs and wages it is better to reduce costs because wage rises increase costs, inflation, interest rates, small business bankruptcies and unemployment. Exports are reduced.

People who demand higher wages or support trade unions are partly responsible for the above which causes poverty, and a poor economy.  It is unchristian for people earning more than a pension income to demand more for themselves.  Instead they should be lobbying for lower costs for everyone and giving to needy people who often are harder working than they are. These people include the majority of small businesses that make a loss, the unemployed people who look hard for work, and the pensioners, carers and unpaid volunteer workers who work hard for no pay.  People working hard for a minimal amount do much more good for society than those taking more pay than they need. This is because if people take excess money from society, it means less for the poor. More information to help the poor is at www.truechristianity.com

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