Why the Poor Deserve Help

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Why the Poor Deserve Help

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Why the Poor Deserve Help

The current corrupt system often favours the corrupt at the expense of hard working poor people. It is often the case that people earning a lot are corrupt and don't work hard. The poor (eg. small businesses) often cleverly work hard to lose money to those taking more than their fair share.

Apart from banks, people earning and keeping more money than they need have to take money that is either:
1.  From the Government, (if they are public servants),
2  As wages from a poor small business manager or charges to a poor person.
3.  Taken from a company which causes that company to charge higher costs to poor people.

This money taken from society increases the countries and others personal debt therefore gives more control to the powerful. To gain money, it has to come from somewhere to the disadvantage of someone or something else. This however is not a problem if the person receiving the money uses it for God's will. God's will could be helping others, sharing the truth with others or buying tools to achieve God's will.  Please see more information at www.truechristianity.com

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